The members of your church will delight in having the opportunity to memorialize or honor beloved family members or respected friends through the sponsorship of a hymnal in their name. This has been a time-honored means that churches have long used to fund the acquisition of hymnals for their sanctuaries.

The resources area of the website has a variety of graphics your church can use to publicize the hymnal sponsorship initiative.

The hymnals are priced at $29.95 each when purchased in 20-count case quantities. It is suggested that you ask sponsors to pay $35.00 each, which will help cover the shipping, as well as fund some copies to be used administratively in the church or music ministries. Churches in the past have found that families will often fund multiple copies in memory of loved ones who were once active in the church and who are now in the church triumphant—or in honor of respected church members still serving today.

In determining the number of hymnals to purchase, it is best to count the pew slots where the hymnals will rest. Often you can do this by counting the hymnals in your church right now. Typically churches try to populate most or all of their sanctuary to anticipate peak Sundays, and large events with larger than normal attendance. If you have a successful sponsorship campaign, as many churches often do, can use additional copies in the choir room, chapel, or other locations. You may also choose to order copies to give as gifts to shut-ins who may only be able to watch online to make them feel connected to those worshipping in person.

You may also invite members to order personal copies for home use as a devotional book for reflection and inspiration. By purchasing them as part of the church campaign they can benefit from the lower case quantity price than if they purchase from the publisher directly at a higher unit price. Individuals may wish to purchase copies as gifts to family members or friends as this remarkable book represents a precious bond of faith shared by faithful church members across the generations.

Templates for donor labels (both memorials and honoriums) are available for use on most office computers with color printers. In the template, inscriptions including names and dates for designees and donors can be typed in and then printed on label stock, which can be readily purchased at any office supply store to produce high-quality labels for application inside the front cover of the volumes.

By conducting a churchwide hymnal campaign it is likely that no church budget funds will be required for your congregation to acquire the hymnals for your sanctuary. This beautiful new worship book will inspire your members and help signal a day of new beginnings as your church enters a new phase of life freshly invigorated by this tangible token of the spiritual power invested in your church through the praise of the Lord in fresh and exciting worship together.

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Due to supply chain issues, frequency of reprints, and choices of color, quantities may be limited.